Meet Our People

    This project is the result of a small-scale partnership between institutes and organizations across four European countries, aiming in adult education and skill development.
    The scheme is processed by Erasmus+ Slovak National Agency and its official duration is between February 1st 2023 and November 1st 2024.

“Micro farming is a sustainable form of farming that can be a solution to the world climate change.”

Project Stakeholders

Project Coordinator

CERD (Center for Education and Regional Development)

CERD from Svidník, Slovakia, is registered and certified as a non-profit organization. Its main activities are :

1. Vocational training and career development consultancy in regional areas.

2. European-funded programs focusing on regional development and skills development of adults with disabilities.

3. Supporting regional authorities to provide funds to support regional growth.

4. Educational research to identify skills/knowledge gaps in regional areas.

5. Guiding and advising new and existing businesses in disadvantaged areas.

Project Partner

The Nadur Local Council (NLC)

The Nadur Local Council (NLC) from Malta, is a body of people elected from the locality to manage the affairs of our town Nadur, which is on the island of Gozo and which has a population of about 5000. The Nadur Local Council is considered one of the most hard-working councils on our islands when it comes to village upgrades, organisations, activities, volunteering, educational and cultural performances, and services. Various sub-groups within our Local Council are directly responsible for the numerous entertaining events that take place all year round; others cater for maintenance, social events and well-being, resources, and for educational and cultural activities.

Project Partner

Uluslar Arasi Bal Petegi Egitim Kultur Sanat Ve Spor Dernegi

Uluslar Arasi Bal Petegi Egitim Kultur Sanat Ve Spor Dernegi, from Istanbul, Turkey was established in Istanbul in 2021. Although it is a new NGO, its staff is highly experienced in EU and Erasmus programs and domestic projects. This is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Its activities :

1. Refugees, unemployed, disabled, poor, youth people etc. To increase the social integration, social inclusion and employment of people from different segments of society.

2. To create spaces that will enable people from different segments of society to develop and use their skills in various sectors.

3. To support cultural integration with EU citizens and to raise awareness about EU citizenship.

4. To contribute to the protection of the environment globally, to draw attention to climate change and global warming.

5. To engage in artistic activities for the socialization of young people.

Project Partner

Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Osob Niepelnosprawnych "Radosc Zycia"

Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Osob Niepelnosprawnych “Radosc Zycia”, from DĄBROWA BIAŁOSTOCKA, Poland is an association for the Disabled “Joy of life” and it was established in 1999. Its Occupational Therapy Workshops is dealing with extracurricular educational (non-formal) services for disabled adult persons mainly intellectual retarded and physical as well. We are working with 5 person groups in 8 independent workshops adopted for rehabilitation needs under the instructor’s care. Its services are dealing with social and vocational rehabilitation. According to the schedule, they provide education on elementary activities indispensable for unassisted work starting from preparing meals and elementary personal hygiene to the ability to go to work. The Association keeps also an integration day-care room for 15 disabled children. There, collective activities are given as well as activities with a pedagogue and psychologist. We run Occupational therapy workshops for 40 adults mainly with intellectual disabilities.